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Stay in Touch with your Loved One

We want to do everything within our power to improve communication between our Residents and their loved ones, therefore reducing lonliness and improving quality of life. At St Anne’s and Stour Road we can support communicating with loved ones in a number of ways. 

Regular Visits

One of the best ways to keep in touch with your loved ones it to arrange regular visits. Our homes always warmly welcomes visitors and we love seeing family and friends taking part in our activities and home events. It is a good idea to stick to a regular schedule for visiting, such as every other weekend, so that you can settle into a routine and have visits to look forward to.

Remaining Connected

Life is busy, and although intentions are good, sometimes we just do not have enough time to visit regularly. Sometimes we live to far away, or have other dependents that makes this difficult.

There are a number of ways that we can help you stay in touch with your loved ones:


  1. Why not send an email to your loved ones, either to their own personal email address if they have the ability to check this themselves, or to We can then print this out and pass it onto your loved one. We may also be able to help send them a reply.
  2. You can send them a letter, our contact details are on this page.
  3. Pick up the phone and call. Why not call and ask to speak to your loved one? It is often easier to arrange a time to do this so that we can facilitate the call and it does not clash with other activities. 
  4. Set up a video call. All WCN Care homes have a dedicatated communication tablet that Residents can use for video calls. We have Zoom and Skype loaded onto these tablets and would ask that you contact us by phone or email in order to arrange a time to make the call, so that it fits in with the daily routine, does not clash with other Residents and that we can facilitate the call for you.
  • Zoom is available on phones, android, tablet and computers here
  • We will set up a meeting and then share the meeting code with you, or if we have an email send you an invite to your email address
  • Calls are limited to 40 minutes
  • Skype is available for phones, tablets and computers here
  • It does require an account, and we will ask you for your account details when you arrange the meeting
  • More information on how to set up an account or trouble shooting can be found here:

Patient Centred Software

Patient Centred Software

At WCN Care we have invested in cutting edge technology and software in order to plan, record and audit the care that we deliver. The relatives gateway is a module that allows loved ones to log in and view some of this information.

Please contact us to find out more. 

Getting involved in Care Home Life and Events

We are continuing to build a busy schedule of activities that allows our extraordinary  residents to foster new friendships. We believe that it is never too late to make new friends! 

We often have a number of planned events, summer parties, Chistmas Carols and more that you are welcome to attend.

We will inform you of the dates and plans on a regular basis. 

Be part of the extraordinary