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Phyllis is one of our newer residents having moved into St Anne’s recently. After breakfast, Jo asked Phyllis about her experience of St Anne’s.

Phyllis moved into St Anne’s after a recent illness affected her mobility. She feels that it would have been difficult for her to manage at home, “probably impossible”she says.

Phyllis knows St Anne’s well. Her parents were both residents here when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, over 25 years ago. They stayed for 2-3 years. “I used to visit regularly”she tells Jo, “and more recently I have heard good reports from other people in the community, so wanted to come back”.

“I really like St Anne’s. The things I like best are the cleanliness and the food is very nice. Plus I have a very nice room!”

At St Anne’s we provide excellent care in a safe, warm, happy environment that is homely in scale. Why not call our team or come and visit St Anne’s to have a look around.