St Anne's: 01202 425642 | Stour Road: 01202 481160 | Care at Home: 01202 159344

It has been 4 months since WCN Care took over the running of St Anne’s Nursing Home and we are continuing to push ahead with improvements so that we can offer excellent care in an environment that is homely in scale.  Despite some setbacks, we have redecorated the entrance hall to St Anne’s to provide more information for visitors and residents on what events are occurring, alongside weekly menus, brochures and information boards explaining who some of the key figures are at St Anne’s.

Alongside this we are also making improvements to our medication room, office, day room, kitchen and have completely revamped the store room. This later improvement will allow us to refine our ordering of food freeing up time for staff to spend time practicing excellent evidence-based healthcare. Why not pop in an visit the home to see what has been happening?